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Premium tea sells finest certified organic green tea, Darjeeling and fine, fragrant and flavorful Nilgiri tea in tea bags and loose leaf carton. Discover the pleasure of tea drink brought to you by Wagh Bakri tea house from India. Premium tea sells tea bags and green tea leaf from the top tea estates of Darjeeling in the state of West Bengal and Assam tea estate.  Get the benefit of green tea and strong aromatic flavor of black tea and certified organic tea for taste and health benefit. Buy tea from the very best coffee tea shop online on the Internet.    

We are a major producer and exporter of tea leaf with tea bags and cartons being sold to many countries all over the world. Taste the magic of master tea blends created by the most experienced tea blenders and taster ever in the amazing world of tea.  We offer different variety to teas to the ever growing numbers of Wagh Bakri tea brand followers across the world. 

We offer green tea bags and loose leaf tea cartons along with exotically designed gift tea baskets.  Buy teas at our online tea shop from trusted and safe shopping cart with secure payment transaction online.

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Start your day with a cheerful cup of hot tea beverage the nature’s finest gift to tea connoisseurs. Or liven your afternoon tea party with Darjeeling black tea and Nilgiri black tea bag from India.  Find tea information and best tea recipe for a party at your tea room.